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Smart Home

Smart home technology is advancing at a rapid pace.  With more and more items tied to your mobile device, control center or tablet, the options for homeowners and businesses are becoming endless.

You can literally control your home or business from the palm of your hand, without physically being there.  

Whether you are looking to control your thermostat from work, check in on your four legged family members, set the mood with lighting schemes, monitor your business remotely after hours, or maybe allow access to the one who forgot their keys – again.

There are features and devices that not only provide the utmost convenience and security, but also allow you to monitor and control your home or businesses’ energy consumption. From setting a thermostat to reflect times where heating or cooling is not required, to receiving a real time report from every circuit in your electrical load center or panel - allowing you to pinpoint exactly where your energy is being consumed.  

The smart technology load centers allow you to monitor consumption at the circuit level and also control breakers remotely. Implement these load centers in your new construction project or upgrade your existing electrical system. Who knows maybe that old freezer in the stock room that you have been thinking about replacing is actually costing you more than you think. These features allow you to see where your energy/money is going, aiding in the decision process to possibly retrofit or upgrade certain appliances, heating/cooling systems, etc.

When you consider the energy savings that can go along with implementing these features, there are systems that eventually will pay for themselves.

Thomex Energy can provide a site assessment for your new construction or renovation project that will allow you to see some of the possibilities that are available and the benefits that come with them.

Contact us today to find out what smart technology can do for you!

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